This Is Us



“Finding a sanctuary, a place apart from time,
is not so different from finding a faith.”
                                                                     Pico Iyer  
At Nomad we believe your home should be your sanctuary, your evolving canvas of inspiration, always true to who and what you are.


Founded in 2016 by couple Kim Crocker and Amy Foster, Nomad was born from their desire to create their vision of a real way of living. We are driven by a passion for natural, raw and sustainable materials that embody the diversity and beauty in this world. We want to create a celebration of natural wonder and human achievement. 


Nomad represents the freedom of the off beat traveller , a modern globetrotter with a bold sense of discovery and adventure.
We are on the constant pursuit of magic,
discovering and working with artisans and designers from around the world. We want to bring soul to your life in the form of intelligent design and generations worth of learned craftman ship.
We want to help make a difference by turning our backs on the mass produced market.


Nomad is a retreat for high quality artisan collections. Created for those with an open mind and progressive existence, who share our same values, rhythm in life and magnetism for travel.
We believe that Nomad can be a community for the like minded, creating a continuous journey for those who want to discover. Let’s bring unity between diverse cultures and old world traditions and create new beliefs.
We invite you to join our pursuit of magic and become part of the tribe.